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Recent News

A message from David Burrow... 

'Dear Friends,

       Thank you to everyone who was involved in working so hard to make all the special services held around the Circuit to celebrate Christmas such a success.

Many of you joined me for Lent last year. This year I will be using the film, 'The King's Speech'. The course is called 'Finding A Voice' and explores the ways in which fear holds us back and how we can face and overcome our fears and begin to find our true voice. If you are going to come along, please try and watch the film again before we start on March 11th at Longholme and March 20th at Central. There may well be chocolate again!

Down through the centuries Lent seems to have lost its radical edge. For many people it is a tradition of giving up a favourite food or drink. Perhaps alcohol or chocolate. For others though it retains its spiritual sense of preparation for Good Friday and Easter Sunday. There are those who will still spend time in prayer, meditation and fasting; just as people used to as they prepared for their baptism at Easter. All of course, based on Jesus' time in the wilderness when he was tempted to use his power in ways that would not have brought glory to God or ended in his victory over the powers of sin and death. Jesus knew how important it was to prepare for his ministry and all that he would face. Later the early Christians recognised the importance of self-discipline in prayer and fasting as they too faced persecution and even death.

Today, life seems easier. However, as we are joined by our Christian brothers and sisters fleeing persecution in their own countries the reality of suffering for our faith takes on a new and deeper meaning. I pray that as we prepare for Easter this year, we too will make time for prayer and perhaps (doctors allowing) a little fasting. And all to enable us, like those early Christians to fulfil our radical calling as God's children in the 21st century; called to speak truth to power and in a time of great uncertainty to show through our lives that truth and certainty is always to be found in Jesus who is the Truth, and who will always be with us, even to the end of the age.

May Easter be a time of wonderful celebration as you witness to the joy of the resurrection of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

                                                                    God Bless, David


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