Liquor shops earned upto 100 million revenue in a one day during this lockdown

Lockdown-3- people got crowded on the streets as soon as they got the concession in the restrictions,Guest Posting as if they had never been on the streets so freely. Especially at the liquor store, yes, in order to get the liquor, people stood in several one and a half meter long lines at Wholesale Liquor License the liquor shopsand waited for their turn. In which social distancing was seen flying. Even the police in Delhi had to resort to lathicharge to control the crowd.

Social distancing was largely ignored only after the opening of liquor shops in UP. As a result of which the state government had to make some changes and had to take a decision on rationing of liquor, while the decision to evaluate copies of high school and inter examinations only in the green zone.

70% corona fee to be paid on liquor in Delhi

The Delhi government has raised liquor rates in the capital by 70%. It has also been stamped in the cabinet meeting held on Monday. The Delhi government has levied a special corona fee. This tax will come into force from Tuesday morning in Delhi.

Aligarh residents broke all records

Yes, Aligarh residents broke all records of liquor sales. From 12:00 pm to 7:00 pm, 21 crore liquor and beer were sold in a total of 8 hours. In which Excise Department estimates that sales were up to 3 times more than normal days. In Hathras, long lines were seen at liquor shops throughout the day. Out of stock at stores. According to sources, on Monday, revenue of Rs 100 crore has been estimated from 26000 liquor shops in the state.